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Was the CCTV Footage in Kevin Omwenga’s murder altered?

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Omwenga-murder cctv footage

The Director of the public prosecution said the CCTV footage submitted by the main suspect in the murder, Chris Obure, was manipulated.

Detective Bashir Boya said that the footage was retrieved on August 30, nine days after the murder.

From our investigations, the CCTV footage submitted to the Investigators, had been tampered with and the same is still undergoing forensic analysis to establish its authenticity,” he stated.

CCTV Footage in Kevin Omwenga's murder

The footage shows that Chris Obure’s bodyguard, Robert Bodo stole the gun from the safe. Boya claims there was no breakage at Obure’s office.

Bodo is the second suspected in the controversial death of a businessman, Kelvin Omwenga.

The investigations revealed that there being no breakage of the office or the safe suggested that the second suspect gained entry with ease like a person with access and familiar with the premises,” read the affidavit.

The prosecutor said that there is enough evidence to hold up the murder charge against Chris Obure.

The prosecution team seeks the court to dismiss his application and let him take the plea.

They also added that he knew where the key to the safe was unlike what hestates in the application.

Chris claims that he had no close relationship with the deceased, yet he is one of the leaders in a company that paid Omwenga’s apartment rent.

There is strong evidence that the apartment that the deceased resided in and the vehicles he claimed to own were fully paid for by GlobalJet International a company that Obure has leadership authority in,” Muteti said.

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