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Raila Odinga: Central and Nyanza never had differences

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Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga has come out with a clear history on why Central Kenya owes him. 

The ODM leader however said it’s not about political debts but uniting Kenyans as he sought to end the political hatred between the two communities

Speaking on Kameme TV Raila recalled his famous declaration ‘Kibaki Tosha’ that ended Kanu’s rule even after Kibaki was involved in a serious road accident. 

“Problem started when those who served under Kibaki reneged on the MoU. We had an MoU to change the Constitution, but they reneged on it. I was the one who was betrayed, not any other person,” said Raila. 

“They are the ones with my debt; I don’t have anyone’s debt. We went to Bomas of Kenya, I was betrayed a second time because they said no to the proposed constitutional changes. It is me they owe, but what we are doing now is to make sure we forget the past and unite the country.” 

“I went and told Luos that there has never been a fight between Luos and Kikuyus. What was there was ideological differences. Luos voted Kibaki 98.5 per cent. Even Orengo (Senator James) was a candidate, but Kibaki beat him in the election,” he said. 

Raila went on to explain how it’s always been ideological differences and not tribal wars that set the communities apart. 

“My father refused to be made the prime minister and instead pushed to have Jomo Kenyatta released from prison. They worked together only to differ over land issues. That was ideological differences and not a tribal war. 

I supported Kibaki by saying Kibaki Tosha and worked with regional leaders like Charles Rubia, Kenneth Matiba and Bildad Kaggia for liberation. The region should remain steadfast and support our quest for a better Kenya, join us in building the bridges,” he said. 

The former PM said before ‘Kibaki Tosha’ Luos would not vote for a Kikuyu because of what the community did to Tom Mboya and Jaramogi.

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