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Magoha calls for return of corporal punishment in schools

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Magoha wants caning reintroduced in schools to tame indiscipline. 

The Education CS explained that corporal punishment can significantly reduce many of the indiscipline cases in schools. 

Barely three weeks after schools reopened, nearly 10 schools have already experienced some type of students unrest. 

“I may appear old school but I think we are at a time when we need to discuss how we can bring sanity in our schools and maybe bring the cane on board once more,” Magoha said. 

“We are not going to accept that schools be dumping grounds for students who lack proper nurture and good foundation at their homes. It is such parents who again turn against teachers, accusing them of not doing enough to control their children. That should stop,” he said. 

Magoha in his own language urged parents to make time to discipline their children. 

“If they had time to plan to sire those children, then get time also to sit down with them, talk to them, otherwise we are not going to accept that schools be dumping grounds for spoiled kids.” 

The Kenyan government banned corporal punishment in Kenyan schools in 2001 and enacted the Children’s Act which entitles children to protection from all forms of abuse and violence. 

Kenya is also a signatory to the Convention on the Rights of the Child (United Nations, 1990) which states that discipline involving violence is unacceptable. 

George Magoha also odered that expelled students should not be admitted in other schools. 

“The Ministry of Education has laid down the manner in which things shoudl be carried out. I want to encourage the boards of management to be very strict and proactive in what they are doing. 

The Ministry of Education is in discussion with the DCI to actively track these offenders. Let them be warned that we are creating a record and database that will follow them for the rest of their lives,” said Magoha. 

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