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Miss Tracy Nduati plus size woman wins world Kenya 2019 pageant

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Lilian Muli
Lilian Muli with Tracy Nduati miss world Kenya 2019 pageant winner

Miss Tracy Nduati, wins miss plus world Kenya 2019 crown. She is a licensed trained private pilot but currently passionate and practicing chef.

During the interview with Citizens news anchor Lilian Muli, she explained how bad it is for a fellow woman to give nasty comments about Big size fellow women.

She said big girls always struggle with weight and they don’t call for attention from anyone. She acknowledged for one to join the competition the bigger you are the better. ” When the tape measure finishes, you are already in,” said Tracy

Tracy said her best day was when she went for the audition and realized there is a place for plus size girls to call home. For her, she agreed she has always been a big girl and proud of it.

One only realizes there is a problem outside here due to people’s opinions and comments. She said for her she has tried all she could to cut weight but nothing worked.

She inspires other bigger woman to be proud of themselves. She said for woman dating, if you don’t feel proud of yourself you will never be appreciated, it has to start with you to be appreciated outside here.

Below is the video

She said, she looks forward to inspiring other women through her crown and cooking skills.

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