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KCSE 2019: How to Check KCSE Results online and via SMS (20076)

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How to Check KCSE Results 2019 via SMS 20076

To receive the results via SMS using the following procedure:

Send an SMS with your Index Number to 20076 (ie index number KCSE) for Safaricom, Equitel, Telecom networks. The SMS cost Ksh. 25.

Be patient the feedback may take a few minutes, due to the high traffic requests being made at this particular time.

School administrators (Principals and Deputy principals) can download and print the results online from the KNEC portal

Procedure to download results

  1. Visit the official KNEC schools portal
  2. Login to the KNEC portal: User Name and Password (used during the KCSE 2019 registration).
  3. Once logged in, select ‘FROM INDEX’, input the index number of the first candidate and in the box labeled ‘TO INDEX NUMBER’ input the last candidate’s index number. Click on ‘VIEW REPORT’.
  4. Be patient and Wait for the report to load. Once loaded, select and click on the menu labeled ‘EXPORT’.
  5. Choose the preferred format (PDF or WORD) to export the KCSE Result Slips.
  6. The KCSE Result slips will be downloaded to offline storage on your computer.
  7. You can then print the downloaded result slips.

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