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How to fill TSC TPAD online?

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How to fill TSC-TPAD Online

How to fill TSC-TPAD Online

Teachers Service Commission developed an open appraisal system for the teachers. The aim of the Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development  (TPAD)system is to support teachers’ improve in their teaching competencies. It open for both primary and secondary teachers in evaluation of their own performances and professional development.

Filling the TPAD online can be easily done through the following explained steps. Under the commission the appraisee need to fill his column only, where as the appraiser column and agreed are filled by their superiors: HOD in case of teachers, Principal, Deputy in-case of HOD’s, Principals in-case of deputy principals and Sub- County Education officials in-case of principals.

How to log in to the TPAD system/ register?

TPAD came as a result of the code of regulation for teachers (regulation 52(1) that provides the commission to develop an open appraisal system).

Steps to follow

  1. Login to the TPAD system (

    Your user name: Use your TSC No.

Your password: Use your TSC No.

TPAD Online portal login page

The manage account will appear. It will require you to input the current password, new password and confirm the new password.

Note: You may change your password from your default(your TSC No), the system will ask for confirmation enter the new password again. ‘‘Your password has been changed” notification will appear.

  1. To Login to the system, use the User name: TSC NO and Password: Enter the password entered above.
  2. Finalize your registration enter/check (First name, Last name, ID no, TSC no, phone no, Gender) and click submit. TPAD home will appear.
  3. Click on the Data tab on the home page and select the institution.
  4. A new page will appear, click on my institution.
  5. A new page with all the teachers in the institution (your work station) will be displayed.
  6. Click on the appraisal button (in green color)displayed alongside your name. Alternatively, if the button is not displayed(for newly employed teachers) click on your name to create it. Fill all the information in the space provided.
  7. Once created, alongside your name click the drop-down arrow next to ACTIONS. The following filled will appear.

Note: Before embarking on the filling process, ensure your hard filled appraisal forms are with you. You need only fill the appraisee for appraisee and appraiser to fill both appraiser’s and agreed columns

1. Filling the TPAD teachers’ standards fields online?

There are two alternatives to fill the teachers’ standard teachers standards or using teachers’ standard mass.

Using the teacher’s standards method.

teachers standard method TPAD

Click on the teacher’s standard in step 8 above.

It will open a new tab where you will be expected to select 7 fields individually to fill them.

Steps to follow

1.Select Professional Knowledge and Application, and clock load fields. The 5 spaces will appear, select and choose correctly 1-5. proceed on appraisers column and fill them 1 to 5. Note the other two (2 ) columns are expected to be filled by your appraiser (HOD in case of teachers, Principal in case of deputy principal sub-county education officers in case of principals).

Click save after filling, a confirmation page will appear.

2. Select the second entry Time Management, load the field. The two entry spaces will appear. Select and fill respectively. Save the data filled. A confirmation page will appear.

3. Select Innovation and creativity in teaching, load the fields. Two field spaces will appear, select them and fill respectively. Save the filled data. a confirmation will appear.

4. Select Learner protection, safety, discipline, and teacher conducts. Load the fields, 4 field space to be filled will appear. Select and fill respectively. Save the data filled. A confirmation page will appear. In case of any mistake, you can edits.

5. Select the Promotion of Co-curricular activities, load the fields. Two fields to be filled will appear. Fill respectively and save. A confirmation page will appear.

6. Select Professional Development and load fields. Three spaces to be filled will appear, select correct entries 1 to 3 and fill the data respectively. Save the information, a confirmation page will appear.

7. Select Collaboration with parents/guardians and stakeholders, load fields. Two(2) entry spaces will appear, fill the spaces with respective data. Save the filled entry, a confirmation page will appear.

Using teachers standards mass method.

Unlike the above method, this will require you to fill all the seven (7) steps above at once. Once selected you will be able to fill all the information and required data at once and then after the last entry save.

Teachers standard mass method TPAD

A confirmation page will also appear for confirmation, once confirmed proceed to the next step, in case you the information is incorrect you can edit at this page and save again.

2. Filling the TPAD learners progress fields online?

Once selected it will redirect you to the learners’ progress report.

The class, subject term 1, 2 and 3 will appear. Select the class (say form 2), proceed to subject (say mathematics) and then term (enter the mean grade of the class in say term 3) and save. Proceed to the next classes you have been teaching and follow the same procedure.

3. Filling the TPAD Lesson Attendance fields online?

Choose the lesson attendance on the action button. Lesson attendance will appear, select the term (say term3) fill the total lesson to be taught and the actual lesson taught and leave a remark on the last column. Save the information filled, a confirmation will appear. In case of a mistake, you can edit it.

TPAD lesson attendance

4. Filling the TPAD Professional Development Details fields online?

Click on the Professional Development details field on the action button. It will redirect you to professional development spaces to be filled. Click the Create Teacher Development button to be able to fill. Fill the filled provided as follows:

Save the information filled and click back to the appraisal button.

5. Filling the TPAD Remarks fields online?

Select the Remarks button on the action button, you will be redirected to the remarks page. Teachers’ development will appear, click on create appraisal remarks to be able to make the entry. Three spaces will appear (Appraisee remarks, Appraiser remarks and Appraiser overall year comment (3rd term)). Select respectively and fill, then save.

How to appraise other teachers online?

Steps to follow to appraise teachers

  1. Log in to the TPAD online portal ( )
  2. Select the data tab and click My institution
  3. Once on the page select the teacher to appraise and fill in the appraiser and agreed on marks column. Leave the appraiser’s remarks.
  4. In-case you are appraising other teachers go back to step 2 and repeat the same procedure.

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