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How to Book SGR Train Online & USSD + Schedule, Fare, Mpesa Paybill Number

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SGR train booking can be done through the following ways in any of the nine stations

  • Online booking on the SGR portal (Website)
  • USSD/ purchase using M-Pesa
  • Visiting the station or sending someone to book for you.
  • Call Kenya railway for seat reservation.

Think of SGR as a way of enjoying the nature trail as you travel to your desired destination. No wonder it has been ranked among the best rails globally. Booking can be done online, through USSD or visiting the station. Discussed below are a timetable, schedule, fare per station, jobs and personnel and benefits of SGR.

How to book SGR train Online

Here’s how to book SGR online:

  1. Visit the SGR online booking portal.
  2. Select the train type (inter-county or express).
  3. Fill in the no of adults and children 12-17 yr and 3-11 yrs.
  4. Select the coach type either economy or first class
  5. Click Book, and fill in your mobile number and email.
  6. Proceed to pay the amount displayed on the booking window. You may also choose to pay later.
  7. You will receive the payment notification. Visit the station to  Print the ticket before or early enough on the traveling day.

How to book SGR through USSD and M-Pesa.

Passengers seeking to travel using SGR train (Madaraka Express) may buy Tickets through M-Pesa. The Kenya railway unveiled a code *639# for train tickets. The code enables the user to book, pay and even cancel their tickets for a refund.

How to book SGR via USSD

Here’s how to book SGR train ticket using USSD and pay via MPesa:

  1. Dial *639#
  2. You will receive a notification to select either Book a ticket or Check tickets and select the desired entry.
  3. A prompt to enter your full name and Id no will be given. enter the full names and id no of adults. You can book for a maximum of 5 adults.
  4. You will get a prompt to enter the no of children of ages 3-11 years

You may also buy the tickets by visiting the station or by calling 0709388888 (Contact) and paying via M-Pesa. If the booking is for a group of over 20 passengers it must be 9 days before the travel date. Booking can only be done by going or sending someone to the station.

Online booking is open for 60 days before the travel date. You may even book for the return ticket.

SGR Schedule and Fares

The following are schedule, timetable, and fares from Nairobi en-route Mombasa time.

StationEconomy (Kshs)Business (Kshs)ArrivalDeparture
Nairobi0820 Hrs
Athi-river601200840 Hrs0843 Hrs
Emali2607900947 Hrs0951 Hrs
Kibwezi40012101032 Hrs1035 Hrs
Mtito49014901120 Hrs1124 Hrs
Voi70021301229 Hrs1233 Hrs
Miaseny90024501304 Hrs1307 Hrs
Mariakani94028701349 Hrs1352 Hrs
Mombasa100030001418 Hrs
**MADARAKA EXPRESS**100030001435 Hrs1918 Hrs

Below are the fares for short distances en route Mombasa from Nairobi.

OriginDestinationEconomy (Kshs)First class (Kshs)

Below are fare and Schedule From Mombasa to Nairobi

StationEconomy (Kshs)Business (Kshs)ArrivalDeparture
Mombasa0800 Hrs
Mariakani701400824 Hrs0827 Hrs
Miasenyi1905600909 Hrs0912 Hrs
Voi2908800943 Hrs0947 Hrs
Mtito50015201052 Hrs1056 Hrs
Kibwezi59018001125 Hrs1128 Hrs
Emali73022301209 Hrs1212 Hrs
Athi-river95028900116 Hrs0116 Hrs
Nairobi100030000142 Hrs
***EXPRESS***100030001515 Hrs2014 Hrs

          Below are fare for Short Distances Enroute Nairobi

OriginDestinationEconomy (Kshs)First class (Kshs)

****Children below 3 yrs free (1 child) but above 3-11 yrs half price

Cargo charges

The conventional cargo rates for the up direction (Mombasa to Nairobi) is Ksh. 2,050 per ton and the conventional cargo rate for the down direction (Nairobi to Mombasa) is Ksh. 1,025 per ton. The price is fairer than normal trucks.

Refund Policy and Rescheduling Tickets

Rescheduling and refund requests can be done 48-72 hrs before the time of traveling for individuals or a group. However, refund attracts 30% fee of the ticket price, while rescheduling attracts 10% fee on the ticket price. Note both transactions are only done over the counter and you must have an original ID(Identification Documents) or Passport.

SGR Policy on Refunds and Rescheduling Tickets
How long does SGR take from Mombasa to Nairobi?

The inter-county train leaves between 8.30 and 9.00 am, taking 6 hours as it stops in all 7 substations. The Madaraka express leaves between 2.30 to 3.15 pm takes 5 hrs for a non-stop trip.

What is the cost of SGR in Kenya?

SGR is one of the most expensive infrastructures ever taken since Kenya independence at a cost of US $3.6 billion. The contractor is China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) with an estimate of 25,000 Kenyans hired laborers.

For conveniences, Online booking and use of USSD are the current most preferred means. Receipt printing may then be done on a traveling day at the station of origin.

SGR Contacts

Enqueries:– Tel  0728603582 0728603581  0708572574  0708571587 .

Passenger Service inquiries, complaints, lost & found:– 0709 388 887 –

Passenger Service bookings:–  0709 388 888

KR HQ customer care:– 0709 907 000

Offices:– Workshops Road Off Haille Selasssie Avenue Opposite Technical University of Kenya


Postal Adress:– P.O Box 30121- 00100, Nairobi Kenya.


Facebook :–


Key Benefits of Traveling with SGR

  • The train journey between Nairobi to Mombasa is cut to 4.5 hours from 12 hours by previous railway and 9 hours by bus.
  • A train ticket costs 100 Ksh (approximate $10) slightly cheaper than bus tickets. In case you prefer a business class it cost 3000 Ksh ( approximate $30).
  • The project was fully funded by China.
  • The line is expected to be connected to all East African regions like Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, and Ethiopia.
  • On freight rail, its safer, cheaper and faster than Trucks. It can also carry many tonnes per trip than a truck.
  • Increased Freight carrying capacity reduces wear and tears on the Kenyan roads.
  • It a symbol of the gleaming symbol of economic progress in the region. it can attract more investments and push the volume of business up.
  • Kenya being an economic and business giant, SGR rail is a critical part of connecting neighboring states by rail as well as making trade easier with the rest of the world.
  •  Employment creation to the citizens as well as revenue to the government of Kenya.

Passenger Stations and Their Designs

In Nairobi-Mombasa route there are nine stations built with unique architecture designs. Nairobi and Mombasa being the main station and the other 7 sub stations.

MombasaConcentric circles and central tower (inspired by ripple in the indian ocean)
MariakaniPorticos (inspired by coconut tree grown in the area)
MiasenyiWhite and brown stripes (inspired by zebra stripes)
VoiV Shaped representing voi and the spirit of harambee (looks like person with raised hard. Inpired by harambee spirit in kenya national anthem)
Mtito AndeiSloping roofs (inspired by chyulu hills an mt kilimanjaro)
KibweziTraditional artcitecture (based on leaves that shades one from sun)
EmaliClosed fist (inspired by kenyan flag unity)
Athi-riverLooks like hills observable on the region.
NairobiTwo trains with bridge on top

SGR stands for Standard Gauge Railway. its derived from the railroad track having a standard with of 56.5 inches. The track gauge of 4 ft 81/2 inches (1435 mm).This represent the distance between inside edges of the rails, accepted internationally except US.

SGR Jobs and Operations

Many employees are Kenyans with critical positions being handled by Chinese nationals. According to Transport Ministry, the Chinese are expected to hand over the project to local employee in 2027. The line covers a distance of 485 km or 301 miles. The operating speed for passengers train is 120 km/h or 75 mph while the freight train is 80 km/h or 50 mph. There are some expectations for future electrification upgrades.

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