GOtv Paybill Number: How to Pay for Packages via MPesa + Contacts for Kenya

The GOtv paybill number is 423655. You can use it to pay your package or subscription bill. After paying via Mpesa, you can change your package via SMS, through self-service or by calling the GOtv customer care contacts +254 711 066 000 or +254 711 066 555.

Here’s a quick guide on how to subscribe, pay and choose a package.

What is the GOtv Paybill number?

The MPesa paybill number for GOtv is 423655. To pay your subscription, go to Mpesa menu, select paybill option, enter 423655 as the business number, enter the IUC number as the account number and the package amount and complete the transaction.

How do I change my package on GOtv?

Log into your GoTV account using your name, phone number and decoder IUC number. From the list of packages, select the one you wish to migrate to then click next and follow the prompts to completion.

What are the GOtv Kenya contacts?

The customer care numbers for GOtv Kenya are +254 711 066 000 or +254 711 066 555. Call these numbers for assistance with payments, clearing error codes, poor signal, changing packages and any other queries.

Does GOtv have free to air channels?

Yes, GOtv has free to air channels which you can watch upon paying the initial administration fees. This is called the GOtv Open Bouquet, which is a non-subscription package that comes with free to air channels.

GOtv paybill, packages and how to reset error codes

About GOtv Kenya

GOtv is the principal subsidiary to Multichoice DSTV (click the link to see DStv packages and price changes). It’s the home of African television offering various sports channels, family entertainment, news channels, kids entertainment, gospel entertainment, music channels, among other avenues.

It offers four main packages with one-off, limited packages such as the GOtv wow, which is a reward package for all customers who have paid their subscriptions in time three consecutive times. Their payments are affordable along with multiple options for payment, including Mpesa.

They aim to offer African countries a chance to experience local and international entertainment from the likes of Africa Magic and BET respectively. Their diverse entertainment had allowed them to be a leading competitor among other digital TV service providers.

List of GOtv Kenya Packages and Prices (2019)

GOtv packages to choose from and how much they cost

Over the years, GOtv has added and reduced the prices and channels available in each package. Below is the latest 2019 list of packages, along with the number of channels and prices.

GOtv PackageNumber of ChannelsPrices
GOtv Lite491299
GOtv Value40749
GOtv Plus23499
GOtv Max17260

GOtv Lite is the only package that offers discounted rates for annual and quarterly payments. You will be required to pay Ksh 1,500 for 15 channels, and Ksh 590 for 16 channels respectively.

All packages offer diverse entertainment from Supersport Select, African magic channels, International entertainment from Romanza, and Eva, and music as well as kids shows like Nickelodeon.

How to pay GoTv Bill via Mpesa

GOtv, in conjunction with various banks and digital money platforms, has deduced easy and convenient ways to pay off your subscription from the comfort of your home. From Equitel, Airtel Money, CBA Bank, Faulu, KCB Mobi Bank, and others.

Mpesa remains to be the most effective method. Check out this exhaustive list of available payment options.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to pay your GOtv subscription through Mpesa pay bill number 423655.

  1. Go to your mobile Mpesa menu.
  2. Click on Lipa na Mpesa, select Paybill.
  3. Key in the GOtv Mpesa Paybill number, 423655 under the business number.
  4. Select the account number and add the decoder’s IUC number. You can retrieve the number from a sticker on the bottom or back of the decoder.
  5. Add in the amount payable depending on your package.
  6. Key in your Mpesa PIN.
  7. Confirm the details and select okay yo allow for the transaction.
  8. Wait for the confirmation message to assure a successful transaction.

It is important to note that during the process, you are advised to have your TV on, so it can automatically refresh itself upon payment. It’s much more effective when you are clearing the e-16/ 30 code on the decoder. The code refers to a disconnection that requires payment for reconnection.

In case any issues arise after this transaction, you could contact them using any form of communication indicated below. The matter shall be cleared in minutes.

How to Reset the Decoder or Change a GOtv Package

In the event that your payment doesn’t automatically reflect on your decoder, you may need to do a quick reset to refresh the subscription manually. In other terms, it is known as activation of the GOtv subscription.

Below are three quick methods you can use;

SMS Method

You need to send a message to 22688 with the word RESET, and your IUC number. Keep the decoder on until the subscription is reset.

Ussd Option

Dial *423# on your phone and follow the user prompts that follow. They could ask for the IUC number, or your phone number to quickly reset the subscription.

Social Media Platforms

You can also contact either of their social media platforms including Facebook or Twitter and give them your IUC number along with the Mpesa code you received after the successful transaction.

How to Change Your GOtv Package

You have the option to either upgrade or downgrade your package once your current subscription ends. In this scenario, you also have three choices;

SMS Method

Send a message to 22688 with the details UPGRADE IUC NUMBER. Customer support will continue with the process.

Self Service Method

Gotv also has an online support platform that allows its customers to clear codes, upgrade or downgrade the subscription. This method is more convenient since you will not need to use your credit to cater for the SMS charges.

For this method, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your GOtv account. Use either your registered phone number or the IUC number associated with the account.
  2. Head to the dashboard area where you will see the option on packages.
  3. Select either the upgrade or downgrade option from the display and continue.
  4. At this point, you will be required to pay. Using the Paybill number, 423655. Use the Mpesa route above and pay for the subscription.
  5. Ensure the previous subscription is over, so you only have to pay for the latest upgrade or downgrade amount.
  6. Wait for the activation in a few minutes.

Calling Customer Care

Using either of the phone numbers below, you can call the customer support centers and have them do a quick upgrade or downgrade. You will be required to pay the corresponding package amount to successful transfer to a different package.

From henceforth, you will be paying off the subscription using the new package price. The customer support team shall update all the details relating to your account. You can check your details, including the balance yourself.

How to Check Your GOtv Bill and Due Date

In some cases, you may overpay a subscription. To be sure about the remaining amount, you can check for your balance. This is also suitable for those who prefer to pay for months in advance.

Below is a guide to checking your balance. There are two ways to navigate that;

How to Check Gotv Bill via SMS

  1. Create a new message and type BALANCE, leave some space, then add your IUC number.
  2.  Send the message to 4688.
  3. Wait for the prompt text that should appear immediately with a response to your request.
  4. You will be notified on the amount in the account plus the expiry date for the current subscription.

Check Balance via Self Service Portal

  1. Head to the GOtv self-service portal. Select the menu icon and country of residence.
  2. Click on the sign-in tab.
  3. Log in to your account using your IUC number and telephone number.
  4. Check on your details on display. You might need to scroll down if you were looking through your mobile phone.

Either way is fast and efficient in checking your balance, expiration date, and other account details of importance to you.

GOtv Kenya contacts

Questions, feedback, and other services can be presented to them through various forms of communication. Below are multiple platforms you can use to get in touch and connected with them.

Physical Address: Multichoice Kenya Ltd.

First Floor, Sarit Centre, Westlands, Nairobi

Greenspan Mall, Donholm,

You can also choose to visit other customer care agent centers where they will provide adequate assistance to you. They can be temporary, like in tents or buildings like shopping malls.

Postal Address: P.O. Box 60406 00200 Nairobi

GOtv Kenya Mobile Contacts:

+254 711 066 000, +254 711 066 555

ISDN Line: +254 20 423 6555 020 423 6000

Fax: +254 20 4447019 +254 20 4446768

GOtv Kenya Email Address: 

GOtv Self Service Website Portal:

GOtv Kenya Facebook: GOtv Kenya 

GOtv Kenya Twitter: @GOtvKenya 


Shortcode: *22688# – for easy and quick functions.

The most diverse contact method is the easy self-service portal that allows you to do multiple things online. After updating your profile and filling in any additional details, you can access various services, which means you won’t need to call, text, or visit their offices.

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